The editorial of the month

The editorial of the month by Léonie Caldecott

Now that Christ has come, we see the depth of creation. Now that Christ has come, we can see everywhere the exchange of love by which the world was made, and is, and becomes; each thing and each person taking what is given by every other thing and person; and, if it does not give back, descending into darkness. And in the end, we shall see all things in God, as he does.

The world is entirely relational, constituted (that is) by its relation to God, all substance being the gift of God, ­received and given back to God by ourselves, and by God to himself. I who receive and am given, am in God receiving and giving, God being within me as the gift of myself and yet not myself, loving that which is in me that is not ­himself, the Father loving the Son in the Spirit.

The world is born in darkness as light, in the womb of the Trinity that is entirely luminous because the act of ­loving is all act and entirely act, being that which is given and ­received. All peace and all beauty are found in that darkness. The darkness is the light that cannot be seen ­because it sees all things, and it is the freedom to be, just as it is the freedom to love, because to be is to love and to love is to be.

Excerpt from The Radiance of Being (Angelico Press 2013)